Listservs & Information

PG Pool uses email to communicate with members of the pool.

PG Pool has two Listservs. The main one is run through our membership database and the Board requests that at least one person from each membership is on it. It is used only for PG Pool-related information with official communications from the board via a weekly newsletter and other information about closings, workdays, etc. Only board members may post to it and traffic is light. To see if you are on it, please login to your account and ensure that your member record includes your email address and that the box "Wants email updates" is checked.

The Yahoo Listserv is open to all. We ask that when members post clearly off-topic information, they include OT or Off-Topic in the subject line. There is a link to the Yahoo listserv at the bottom of this page, as well as links to our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Our Twitter feed is very useful for those who like instantaneous information about unscheduled pool closings (and reopenings). You can receive the tweets directly to your phone as a text message or more conventionally as an email or direct to your own Twitter feed. Naturally, we aim to keep those messages to a minimum.

Our Facebook page is a Facebook page.