It's On: Opening Day Is Here

Prince George’s Swimming Pool or, as it universally known, PG Pool, located at 3301 Buchanan Street (between Queen's Chapel Road and 34th Street) in Mt. Rainier MD, is a private pool run on a co-operative basis by its members. 
Visit this site regularly for the latest information about the many things that PG Pool has to offer.
Membership is currently full. If you would like to join PG Pool, please add your name to the waiting list here. As of March 2018, the waiting list is very long, with almosty 2,000 families on it. Before the 2018 season, we were able to offer memberships to ~40 families at the top of the list, so we do not expect it to clear for several years.

Unless otherwise indicated by the date in the individual page headings, the information on that page is current. PG Pool attempts to keep this website as up to date as possible, but is not responsible for any omissions or errors. In cases where conflicting information is provided, the decision of the board is final.

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