Membership Meeting Minutes August 25, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Member Meeting
MINUTES: August 25, 2018
Meeting called to order at 4:04, quorum being declared
DJ welcomes folks to meeting.
Another successful summer! And two more post-Labor Day weekends on tap. Also looking forward to
Octoberfest, Christmas tree burning, Countdown to splashdown
Over 1000 co-op hours logged before pool season! Grounds looked great! Only big glitch was a water
main break, which posed some challenges. Big thanks to Lighthouse for keeping the pool open despite the
challenges posed by the water situation. Ending the third year of a five year contract, and 13 years with
Lighthouse. 30 lifeguards. Lauren and Matthew both Certified Lifeguard Training Instructors.
Ran junior lifeguarding class for first time with a half-dozen kids. Great to see such interest on behalf of
the youngs!
Levee update: County is moving forward on upgrades, Pepco will be getting rid of electricity pylon by
pool house in early fall as a prelude to repairs, will be tunneling to connect poolhouse from Buchanan St.
Membership Report: 93% renewal rate, 40 new memberships, went 100 deep into the waiting list.
Waiting list has over 2100. Had 40 August memberships (offered to first 500 on waiting list, plus folks
who ask) – will revisit to see how many we offer August memberships to. Have ~25 lap swim
How many swim-team only memberships? Will answer in swim team report.
DJ thanks Dennis for his work
Financial report: We’ve distributed budget/finance sheet to everyone. Only unusual expense was for the
water main break, everything else essentially unchanged.
We do have a lot of cash on hand, due to not doing parking lot improvements this year. Also have some
unpaid expenses for the season.
Capital improvements upcoming? Parking lot, hopefully, but we have to take into account the levee
upgrades before doing many planned improvements
Swim team report: 197 kids on the team – most ever! First year in Division C, were top-seeded team,
ended up in 3 rd at end of the season. Won under-10 league meet! Paul Waas in second year as swim coach.
Finances for team are sound. Team membership fees $16K, $2k in concessions, $7.5k for swimathon.
[Expenses were ~$26K. The team has a surplus of ~$8k.] Swimathon proceeds will go towards a trophy
cabinet and to invest in a community swim instruction program for local residents.
Swim team only memberships for waiting list members. Limited to 35 memberships. Had to turn a few
people away. Privileged older kids. Also got our first swim-team only member from Queenstown
$300K in net income, but assets say $392K in assets? Capital improvements have not been logged on
budget yet, paid off a loan, that may explain the discrepancy. Have made over $1M in improvements in
last 12 years. [Budgeted excess over income is in the ~$46K range per annum, but some years we exceed
Anything we’re worried about in terms of income? Nope! However, guest fees are down, may have to do
with weather.
Towing seems very aggressive for overnight parking, when folks are being responsible – can we deal?
Cars do need a parking pass to park. Tent night issue was a mistake – we didn’t call the towing company
to hold. We do need to communicate parking pass issue better.
Rules to keep balls being thrown (by kids) into pool during adult swim – maybe always? Kids need to be
away from pool during adult swim.
Income from camp fees? Haven’t been paid yet.
Attendance? It seems like the pool itself wasn’t that crowded this year. It would be worth auditing the
daily visits and reevaluating membership numbers.
Invest in backstroke pennants for lap lanes? It is an expense, as it would have to go all the way across the
pool. Swim team ones removed for wear and tear reasons.
Swim team and some guards would be interested in making some swims shortcourse swims, would like
board to consider. Other folks disagree, strongly. Lots of people like the 50 meter course. 50 meter course
is an attraction for the lap swimmers.
What’s the life cycle of the grills? How often are they replaced? We have a team of folks who do grill
repairs, we replace as needed, 1 or 2 a season. If there are grill issues, go to the front desk and file an
incident report so the repair crew can deal with it.
Thank yous to the Board.
DJ lets folks know that he’s stepping down as president of the Board, will remain on the Board for one
more year. Presentation of gift to DJ for service.
Board elections: Chris Goff, Elizabeth Duffy, Meredith Massey, Chuck Thies, Abebi Wolf, Dave
DeRosa. Slate is approved by membership.*
Board officers: Chris Goff, President, Elizabeth Duffy, Vice President, Marvin Russell, Treasurer. Slate is
approved by membership, recording secretary to be appointed at a later date.
Move to adjourn at 4:48 PM.
*DJ Nolan was omitted from this list due to an oversight and he and April Downs were later elected by
the board to two-year