Board Meeting Minutes October 6th 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: October 6, 2018
Present: Chris Goff, Chuck Thies, David DeRosa, DJ Nolan, Dennis Alexander, Abebi Wolfe.
Apologies: Meredith Massey; Marvin Russell; Liz Duffy, Stacy Smith, Liz Duffy, Mary Melchior.
Absent: Mic Byrne.
Old Business (MMA)
 M-NCPPC letter update: Letter sent. No update. DJ to continue reaching out periodically. Dennis
to introduce DJ to former member who works in that dept.
 Water leak: Bill may be up to $1,600 extra. Those present decided not to claim it to allow for a
future, more financially burdensome claim.
 Bates Sanitation update – Sigh. DJ still trying to get written confirmation that the alleged debt has
been written off.
 Upcoming workdays: Chris Goff to lead tomorrow’s workday.
Physical Plant
Levee Update
New Business:
 Meeting with Bruce from Lighthouse: Bruce explained the billing/hours situation. He distributed
a handout that, read in conjunction with our contract and the billable-hours spreadsheets
previously distributed, outlines how the billing system works. Bruce asked if the board would
consider paying swim lesson fees and overage hours on a more regular basis. Those present
intimated that it was due to timely billing. The board agreed to set up a list of extra tasks that it
would be reasonable to ask guards to do during downtime.
 Chris Gowen resigned from the board due to a move out of town.
 Committee Recruitment Proposal: Chris Goff presented the outline below that is aimed to expand
the number of people who take responsibility for the work advancing the pool’s goals.
 A member asked for special consideration for a parking space due to the fact that every time she
came there were no handicapped spaces. To be discussed later.
Next Meeting: November 18 @ 4:00pm.
PG Pool Committee Recruitment Plan [Draft]
 Identify and recruit pool members with relevant skills to volunteer for committees
 Use recruitment to create demographically diverse group of people involved in assisting with
pool operations and creating and sustaining pool community and culture
 Through committee recruitment, create a group of people who are being developed to take on
functional or leadership roles associated in operating the pool
 Through committee recruitment, identify and develop people who will be able to assume a
position on the Board of Directors and officer roles.
 Identify needs for each committee
o Identify skill sets required for each committee
o Identify number of members need for committee
o Identify board member to serve on/act as liaison with committee
 Incentives for committee participation
o Schedule bulk of committee work before Spring Enrollment so that committee members
have already completed co-op hours and may have co-op fee waived
 Create and administer survey of members who have completed co-op obligations in the 2018
season, to be completed by early November.
o Assess relevant skills
o Assess willingness to serve for both committee positions and other co-op jobs
o Gather voluntary demographic data to help identify diverse candidates for recruitment
o Follow up with potential committee volunteers by end of November, other co-op jobs by
 Personal networks