Board Meeting Minutes July 11, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 11, 2018
Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Abebi Wolfe, Mic Byrne, Mary Melchior, Dennis Alexander, Stacy
Smith, Chuck Thies.
Apologies: Chris Goff, Meredith Massey, Colin Strauss Riggs, Chris Gowen, Liz Duffy.
 Fire lane parking: Dennis placed reflector stakes
Physical Plant
Levee Update
New Business
 Water main/plumbing
o Issue has been resolved. Full report below.
 Parking on grass
o Dennis to place reflector stakes
 Fence
o DJN has got permit for 8’ fence. Chris Gowen will liaise with the City
 Mosquitos
o Treatment is very expensive. Those present decided it was not needed.
 Bees
o Investigation said we don’t have them.
 Food trucks
o Sporadic…at best.
 Poolapalooza catering
o Sure.
 Lighthouse in-season gate guard assessment
o Stacy to liaise with Lighthouse.
Report from DJN and Lighthouse re broken water main.
After the main fractured in the afternoon of Saturday, June 30, Lighthouse called the president and
explained what happened. Once the LH plumber was onsite, it became clear that a quick fix was not
possible and that the pool would have to close, Lighthouse did so (a move which is mandated by Code of
Maryland Regulations but one that Lighthouse seldom makes in the best interests of its facilities as
Lighthouse recognizes that access to facilities is a primary concern when members paying annual dues) at
Lighthouse called a plumber who arrived that evening (Caton Plumbing). He laughed and walked away.
Lighthouse called three potential contractors but Caton was the only one who would actually come out to
the site in those first few days. The President asked that Lighthouse interact with Joe Kelly regarding the
repair and Lighthouse did so. He said that this was a very difficult fix due to the impressive pressure that
exists on the pipe at that point (enough pressure to fill the pool in less than 24 hours. Some smaller pools
in this region require 5 & 6 days). Ultimately Joe suggested that Lighthouse could try a Fernco fitting but
that it “would not work” as the pressure is just too great. At 9pm Lighthouse realized nobody else was
available to help and that the Fernco idea was the only chance that PGP would be open on Sunday.
Lighthouse set out to procure the parts and put the Fernco on. At 10:30pm the Fernco failed. The pressure
ripped through two ring clamps. Lighthouse Pools returned at 4:30am on Sunday morning and placed 6
ring clamps on (two is normal) and arrived at the solution that would carry the facility until a repair was
in place. They succeeded and managed to get the water on, at 30% pressure, as long as there was a
constant run-off, which drained through the men’s shower area. The pool opened the next day as normal.
The president and Bruce spoke then, and the president said that the priority was to remain open, which we
did. For the first three days, the water was shut off overnight and then turned on in the AM. After that, the
water was left on permanently.
Lighthouse did succeed in getting Len The Plumber (LTP) to visit the site on Sunday. LTP promised a
proposal the next morning. He did not deliver a proposal. Throughout Sunday Lighthouse called multiple
other contractors including Magnolia to no avail. Lighthouse resolved at that point to use the proposal
from LTP (the one that never materialized). On Monday Magnolia called and Lighthouse scheduled an
appointment with the estimator for the following day at 1pm. Magnolia estimator came out, unannounced,
far earlier and was met by a board member. No proposal materialized on the 3 rd  or 4 th  of July for obvious
reasons. On the 5 th , the scope of the project and the proposed price was agreed upon. At that point
(afternoon, July 5, Thursday) a discussion about scheduling occurred. Magnolia indicated that the earliest
they could begin was Tuesday because their resources were otherwise allocated until that point. They
were concerned that it would be difficult to attach a new valve to the old galvanized pipe and might have
to dig back to the street. A different Magnolia assessor came out July 6, set a price range with a ceiling of
$10,000, which we agreed to, and Magnolia set about getting a permit. On Friday, July 6, Magnolia said
they would start at 7:00pm on Tuesday evening and work until the work was done.
Magnolia then came out on Monday to reassess the repair. On that Tuesday, a third assessor came out and
said they would be able to complete the work in about four hours. The work was completed before
midnight on Tuesday.
A WSSC inspector came out and approved the work, saying (apparently the language they used was that
they have approval for the credit) we would get a credit for the water wasted during the leak.
The board recognizes that virtually all other management companies would have closed the facility after
the initial leak and waited for a plumbing company to fix it. We are very grateful to Lighthouse that we
were able to remain open throughout this period.