Membership Meeting Minutes August 26, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Membership Meeting

MINUTES: August 26, 2017



The State of the Pool

Financial Report

August Membership Report

Postseason Work

Board Elections


Meeting called to order at 4:07pm


Reminder of the pool being open for the two weekends following Labor Day.

Introduction of Bruce Schafer from Lighthouse, has managed pool for 13 years.


Financial Report

Financial report distributed to membership

In good financial health, can cover end of year expenses, have money for off-season projects, paid off $50K loan.

Membership revenue down slightly, ice cream sales down slightly, everything else pretty on point.


Membership Report

675 families this year, little over 2,000 people. Maximum.

95% renewal rate, added 40 new memberships, went 80 deep into waiting list

Had August only memberships for folks on waiting list. Had 60 memberships, 72 people, went 500 deep into waiting list

23 lap swim memberships

Waiting list currently ~2,000 families (1,700 at the beginning of the summer)

22 swim-team only memberships

Q: What happens when our kids leave home? Should they get on waiting list now?

A: If they live in house, or are in college, they can stay. Can split membership once.


State of the Pool

Very smooth season.

Finally got contract with school to use parking lot, have it nailed down through 2019. Took 11 months. Allows for payments up to $3,000. Spending $600 this year, $2,400-2,500 to school.

Weather very wet this summer. Had 1’ rain June 1 – August 15, double usual average. Grounds in bad shape. Not going to do immediate improvements based on an unusually wet summer.

Thank you to co-op folks – many people do more than five hours.

Thanks to table-fixers – only one table went out of commission. Will be getting metal umbrella holders, with draining bottoms.

Sent out only a few emails about member behavior: be nice to staff, if you do have issues with the rules, bring those concerns to the board. Be nice to the staff.

Going to reexamine party rules this fall, to ensure that they become out of control in size because of gaming the rules.

Swim team was awesome this year. New coach, team was undefeated, won divisional meet in lop-sided fashion, broke 18 of 49 records. Will likely be moving up to Division C.

Q: Update on the levee?

A: Nope. Solicitations for (re)bids were out, last we heard. All we know is that they can’t/won’t do it during the season. Have money on hand for emergency repairs

From Cecilia: Longtime member of the pool, has always appreciated the pool, but wants pool to continue to thinking about engaging with the community.

  • Actively advertising for swim-team memberships in Queenstown and surrounding area and on local listservs.

  • Partner with MNCPPC to allow kid camps from Mount Rainier Nature/Rec Center to visit pool

  • “Community” days during the week, where we open to the community for an afternoon.

Q: Restructure weekend guest rules for August?

A: We can look at it.

Q: Is there a master plan for improvements?

A: Yes, but we’re having to be flexible due to delays in the levee project.

Q: Ping pong area a failure? Can we plan to change for next season?

A: Yes

Shout out to Kitchen Witches

Q: Can we reconsider the traffic flow, based on what we see now? Especially consider new habit of driving across grass for bands, especially as a safety concern.

Thanks to the Board.

Concern about using shelter as the band area, as it takes away a decent chunk of change. Yes, it was a trial. From a gate guard: hard to hear when band under the bathhouse awning.

Q: What’s going on with stormwater run-off in the parking discussions?

A: Looking at what type of surface to put in, looking at surfaces that facilitate draining, as well as addition cuts/grading into the city’s rain garden.

PG County rebate for putting in rain garden

Morning lesson parents would like to consider an 11 AM pool opening time so the pool can continue to be used post decision. Sure.

Consider an additional day of later hours on Thursday? Sure

Q: Security on grounds?

A: Had problems with some break-ins early, but not recently. Have contacted a consultant to evaluate our options. Probably can’t completely stop, but can take precautions.

Gary reminds us to plant grass in the fall

Q: Purchasing open space next to pool?

A: MNCPPC owns it, lots of stuff needs to happen, including support/neutrality of city council, for sale to happen. Is a priority, will need to mobilize members in Mount Rainier if opportunity arises.

Q: Do we know how many Mount Rainier folks are on waiting list?

A: No, but as we re-confirm waiting list, we’ll ask people zip code so we can analyze. Membership currently split evenly between DC and MD. Looking into ways to facilitate local memberships.

Q: If we purchase extra grounds, would that lift the cap?

A: We haven’t had that discussion.

Q: If we did purchase the grounds, can we get a guarantee it won’t be parking?

A: We think we have parking solved, we likely envisage expanding grounds.

Status on the ground is that we’re currently in discussion with city council about the possibility.

Shout out to Team Lost and Found, especially those who fold.

Can we L&F clothesline fixed?

On behalf of lapswimmers, can mowing start later? Would push it into toddler swim.

Another shout-out to board.


Postseason Work

Looking to redo parking lot this off-season, with new drop-off area, improved traffic flow, better surface.


Board Elections

Resignations: Andrew Farrington & David McCandlish. Thanks for their service. David instrumental in saving the pool from disaster.

Will not be seeking to replace, as we have more than the minimum.

Stacy Smith: management liaison

Mary Melchior: Longtime board member

Mic Byrne: civil engineer, helping with capital projects

Chris Goff: secretary

Propose to approve en masse:

Unanimous approval

Officer elections

DJ Nolan: President

Chris Gowen: Vice President

Marvin: Treasurer

Chris Goff: Secretary

Unanimous approval.


Thanks for coming!


Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm