Board Meeting Minutes April 17, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: April 17, 2016
Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Dave deRosa, Dennis Alexander, Mic Byrne, Chuck Thies, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss Riggs, Meredith Massey, Liz Duffy, Abebi Wolfe
Apologies: Dave McCandlish,
Absent: Stacy Smith
Levee Update 
Finance – Marvin
$96K in registration. Moved $100K to credit union. New CPA to do taxes. We have 4 people who paid twice (to be refunded) DJ: one double-pay was someone who got into the system w/out being eligible. (Also, someone tried booking a party in February during a test). Dennis checking into seeing how Orchid mishaps have been resolved.
Contract – Bruce asking 20% increase in Lighthouse contract (~$30K). DJ, Stacy, and Gowen going to try to figure out where that 20% is coming from (aside from wage increases). Not looking at leaving, just not looking at 20% increase.
Physical Plant
Mary – need to keep on top of people doing car repairs in the parking lot
639 renewals, 94% renewal. 10 “on hold”, 36 non-renewals. Going to email 50 people on list to prepare. 1,500 on waitlist. Went 80 deep on the waiting list last year. Parties go on-line week before (need adequate notification).
Dennis – board members fixed on the website drop-downs. 
New ice cream coordinator, have set up propane schedule. Agreed to some premium ice cream for $3.
Bebi chairing events committee. Most music is booked for the year – list going to the calendar soon. Dot cannot do a food event this year. Will be looking for people to help with food events. Will be doing 4th of July food event, haven’t solidified others. Tent nights: July 2. We do have a tent night coordinator, with a new “how to” list. Six movie nights, 2 karaoke, 2 bingo, 1 trivia. Other events on the horizon. Dunk tank on the 4th of July is happening again. Should we do a welcome event for new members? Could do it at countdown to splashdown, or first weekend. Also looking into a Mixer mixer (in conjunction with a G-rated movie night for the kid). 
Parking pass update:
Chuck – need better resolution on design, $3000 for 1000 passes. Need to think that we’ll be paying $2000 minimum. Seeing if he can get a deal. However, all orders are 2 week shipment.
Gowen: what about stickers? Non-transferable.
Why not just use cardboard, we’ll only need them 3 months if we’re going to issue them every year. See if we can get it <$1,000. 
Cashless Pool update & implementation
DJ and McCandlish have been working through the details 
The card will be used in lieu of cash for any purchase that goes through the Pool's point of sale system (POS), i.e. the cash register.
The designs for the card's front an back are in process and should be finalized soon.
I propose the following:
*  We purchase 2500 cads ($2,750) which is enough for 2 cards per membership with lots of extras.
*  I set up and sit at table during opening weekend to hand out and load cards and also record card #s and Memb #s into google doc spreadsheet. 
*  Memberships that desire extra cards or want to replace a lost card my purchase them for a price. ($2.00? $1,50?)
* The cashless cards replace and do away with the old "PGPool Bucks" system.
Green Street:
Supposed to start last week, [laughter]. 2 parking spaces worth of staging space needed for improvements island between lot and Buchanan St.
DJ: Co-op improvements coming along swimmingly. BB court, new tables, window coverings, plumbing all being improved. Looking for new refrigerators next week. All in place before season begins. 
Should review rules. We have been asked to either ban or have a smoking area. We currently have no smoking in enclosed areas and on pool deck. No rule other than that (other than informal rules of courtesy). Will keep policies the same.
Offer a weekday 12 noon - 4 pm membership to wait listed folks?
Have been asked if we’d consider it. Couldn’t implement until next year. Would be hard to police (Bebi – could use wristbands).
Gate guard for morning swim?
Asked to consider, as there have been concerns of people coming in. Is it an issue? Will monitor this year, would be nice to track people coming (sign-in sheet is there).
Front gate computer system: McCandlish is on it. 
Lightning app
Pushback from Bruce – if we change current policy, onus falls on Pool for responsibility, not Lighthouse. Mary – there is a reasonable standard (Red Cross): changing to a different standard incurs some liabilities. Chuck: does Lighthouse insist on being responsible for grounds and pool? Or just the pool? Can Pool take additional responsibility for the grounds (or relieve Lighthouse of responsibility for the grounds?). Marvin – we need to give Lighthouse full authority for the pool. Meredith: frustration with marginal lightning closures is real. DeRosa: we need to make judgement calls DJ: but sometimes no board member on site. Gowen: app would give us more protection (will need to look into the contract). Allows us to have some external validation of lightning closure. Mic: make Lighthouse in charge of pools, grounds are use at your own risk. DJ: need to check on legal responsibilities. Mary: we have an additional danger in trees, more likely to attract lightning, trees falling in high wind. Sometimes stuff happens quickly – we need to be consistent in clearing grounds for safety reasons, even if we may be overly cautious it most times. Mic- clearing the grounds doesn’t make us safe. DJ: bottom line is what Lighthouse will agree to. 
Current policy: 30 minutes, pool closed, under shelter for lightning. 30 minutes, pool closed, grounds open for thunder. Should ask if change to lightning policy around grounds is agreeable. If Lighthouse objects, have to be solid on backing up guards for subsequent Lighthouse decisions.
Membership & Sharing Plumbing
At least three memberships where not everyone on the membership lives in the same household. Will require separating memberships (and that will impact waiting list).
Composting (again)
New composting company. Locally composted. $180/week. Veterans Compost. Compost meat and dairy. Can do pizza boxes, but say it isn’t worth it. 14 gallon/$45 week. Would need four ($180/wk). Should look into usage last time to see if 56 gallon/wk would be adequate. Will check with Jim Groves re previous usage.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting:
Future Agenda Items
Next Meetings: 
May 15 at 4 PM (Meredith sends regrets). Move to every other week starting June first