Board Meeting Minutes February 21, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: February 21, 2016
Present: Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, Dave deRosa, DJ Nolan, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Stacy Smith, Colin Strauss Riggs, Liz Duffy, Abebi Wolfe, Dave McCandlish
Apologies: Meredith Massey 
Name change
Proposal: Put out call to general membership for name change, engage them around the possible new name, reason for changing.
Stacy: Should get some data about number of people approaching gate on basis name of the pool.
Chuck will come to next meeting with proposal for considering name change
Fee Increase
Notice will go out to membership this coming week, pending update to website

Levee Update 

County has responded, accepted all edits, with the main exception of an April 15 cutoff for preseason work. The Board voted to agree to this contract, subject to any final tweaks negotiated by DJ, Mic, and Chris Gowen. Adopted unanimously. 

Finance – Marvin
Membership opens March 15.
If folks here anything about camps interested in using pool, please put them in touch with Stacy.
Board members should be on site to monitor legitimacy of any problems with camps.
Physical Plant
Improvements during spring
New floor in shelter in April, cost $8K
New fence around toddler pool.
Professional painting outside of bathhouse, will ask members for new design for outside decoration.
Look for ceiling window coverings that will improve looks.
Will not be doing parking lot work this spring.
Refrigerators may or may not happen based on motivation of members who’ve taken it on.
Workdays will be on Google calendar. (Add new board members.) Need to make a plan for workdays so that we don’t set ourselves back. 
Buchanan Green Street project: Trying to set up meeting with city manager. Dragging out, will go to council member if we are unable to set up meeting. Also have connections with folks on the Green Street committee. DJ has also met with Jimmy Tarlau, gave information about the pool for history of Mt. Rainier. Asked him about possibility of re-acquiring green space next to pool. Tarlau said would be difficult, but if we sent a proposal that gave some benefit to community, would up chances for consideration.
Board members already exempted. Marvin will have recommendations for mail handlers to add to lists. DJ asks that any additional names be emailed to him by Tuesday, February 23. Dennis will reach out to confirm that folks are still interested in these jobs.
Swim Lessons
Gowen: Many issues with swim lessons, may have to tackle one at a time. Proposal to next meeting. 
DJ will contact Tanya to get quote on setting up on-line system.
Stacy will be more hands-on with monitoring lessons this summer.
Other business:
Stacy: Working on diversification of the board. We should still schedule a board training, should come up with a written plan. We should also have some committee (executive committee or otherwise) to handle complaints about membership, board members. 
Need proposal for executive committee membership, charge for committee.
Dennis: Will also need to amend by-laws. 
Stacy will put together proposal for a board training. 
Next Steps for the Next Meeting: Sunday, March 20, 2016 4 PM
Future Agenda Items
Proposal for board training.
Next Meetings: